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About Us

Sex toys improve the quality of life

What should be a sex toy store? The convoswithcosmo.com team believes that the main thing is a relaxing environment.

We treat sex-goods with interest and humor. Do the same, and you will see how your life changes!

Realize your desires!

In hiring an online store collected toys of various types, categories, and purposes. The range includes men’s and women’s collections, toys for couples.

We pay much attention to the attributes:

  • Accessories;
  • Furniture;
  • Lubricants.
In the catalog, you will find all the top models of recent years. All copies received excellent customer reviews.

Focus on quality

Customer safety and health is the key to successful and long-term cooperation. Each product in the store is made of modern materials and has a certificate of the state sample.

Price level

To please all customers, the catalog has items from the simplest to the premium class.

Even the most multi-functional toys are available to most people because our store works directly with manufacturers. We do not have surcharge intermediaries. Moreover, regular customers can count on a loyalty bonus program.

Personal Blog

There are many myths associated with sex toys. Our team cooperates with professional psychologists, sexologists. They blog on convoswithcosmo.com. From these articles, you can learn a lot of interesting information, share opinions in the comments. Moreover, we also publish the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

If you are new to the world of sex toys, it will be useful for you to study our reviews.

In them we compare popular models, we tell in detail about all the pros and cons. Advanced users share their personal experience, manufacturers reveal little life hacks.

Professional service

The site is easy and convenient navigation. For each product, we made a card with a detailed description. At the bottom of the page, you will find a rating and reviews for all products.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via the form in the Contact section.

Our specialists try to process all applications as quickly as possible. We are sincerely happy to help our guests with a choice.

We guarantee anonymity

We do not collect personal data about customers. You can pay for your purchase in any convenient way and specify the desired delivery address.

The package will arrive in an anonymous package with no identifying logos. Improve your life with us!


Sex toy user for 5 years and blogger
Consultant seller in an off-line sex toy store
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