How to Choose And Use a Penis Pump for Getting an Erection

How to Use a Penis Pump?

How to create your erection strong and long-lasting? Of course, first of all, you need to drop health problems. But there are no drugs that permit you to receive a steady rush of blood to your penis. In the case, you, as well as your partner, will enjoy sex. Is it tempting?

In the article, I will tell you what a penis pump is and how it affects erection. You will find out what role vacuum plays in the penis rise mechanism. And also, you will find some practical recommendations on how to choose and use penis pumps.

What is a penis pump?

  • The appliance includes a corps, a sealing ring, and a system for pumping air. Due to the formation of a vacuum inside the case, blood rushes to the penis and a sufficiently stable erection occurs.
  • Each guy can use a pump several times a week. You can make the blood work immediately before sexual intercourse. Some people like to use the penis pump as an endurance simulator for prevention.
  • Use a vacuum pump alone or in combination with medications to restore an erection. To avoid side effects in the form of bruises or blood leaks, strictly follow the instructions.

Design features of penis pump:

  • It has a glass or transparent plastic tube. It comes in different sizes. When buying, you should make measurements and choose a device depending on the length of your penis.
  • It is recommendable to wear a rubber sealing ring on the base of the penis. The manipulation ensures complete sealing. Such a ring is detachable, so you can leave it after removing the cover. The step permits you to keep an erection longer.
  • Use the manual or electric mechanism to create a vacuum around your penis.

It is important!

To fast stop the process in case the blood has rushed too much, I recommend choosing a pump with an instant pressure relief valve.

How to use a penis pump?

The technology of application is very simple. Carefully read the instructions and follow these recommendations. Usually, all users achieve a good result the first time.

Any penis pump has approximately the same mechanism and the method of use. The ritual includes the following stages:

  • Put the glass tube on your penis.
  • To create this process as smooth as possible, use your favorite lubricant. The step will also help avoid skin irritation after the session.
  • Suction air from the case using a pump until you form a vacuum.

  • Wait for the blood to flow to your penis. It usually takes about 5 minutes or fewer.
  • Clean your penis pump before and after each session.

Use a sealing ring to prolong the erection. There are constricting rings in most penis pumps. It aids to stop the outflow of blood and keep the penis upright.


To avoid undesirable effects in the form of bruises, remove the sealing ring no later than half an hour.

360-degrees rotating

One of the most effective models for dicks no thicker than 2 inches. Here, the suction force is 35% more powerful than due to the devices of the previous series (Hercules).

The flask is fixed on the skin gently but firmly, and the exhaust valve is blocked in a new special way. Now you can use the model safely under the shower jets.

Work less, get more!

How to buy the perfect penis pump?

To make the correct choice 100%, you should consult with your doctor. But even without this step, you can choose what you need. The main thing is to carefully study the characteristics of various brands and their size scale. If necessary, make control measurements of your penis parameters.

What to consider when buying?

  • Pay attention to the presence of a pressure limiter. Using such a penis pump, you never get hurt.

  • Look for a quick vacuum reset function. It will be very useful if you are overdone and feel the pain using the device.
  • Be sure to take stock the size of the sealing ring. Select a suitable diameter. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve complete sealing, or you will experience discomfort.
  • Remember that there are models to increase penis size and to create an erection. You need to choose the second option.

What effect can you achieve?

Before buying a penis pump, many guys think about its effectiveness. They are right. (1) I believe that when it comes to improving the grade of sex life, you should not save too much. As a result, you will acquire much more!

As for the use of penis pumps, then according to various polls from 60 to 80% of men are completely contented with the effect. This is a much higher figure than after a medical course of treatment. There are no unpleasant health effects. It is a good reason to buy a vacuum penis simulator.

Also, social surveys show that effectiveness is directly dependent on the patient’s state of health and the degree of his erectile dysfunction. If penis functioning is caused by serious illnesses, a treatment plan should be made by a doctor.

In combination with other methods of restoring erections, penis pumps will work even more effectively!

Who should try penis pump?

  • Men who have poor blood flow to the penis for various reasons.
  • People suffering from diabetes.
  • Guys who recently had surgery to remove prostate or rectum tumors.
  • People with psychological difficulties.

Who are penis pumps suitable for?

Penis pumps are fit for all men who wish a stable erection, who have problems with the natural functioning of the blood flow. You should prepare for some technical details to understand what specific results you can receive.

What should you know in advance?

  • The maximum frequency of use of a penis pump is once a day.
  • If you have very sensitive skin, there may be small bruises on the penis after the session.

  • It will take you some time to get ready for sex. Accordingly, the process will require understanding from your partner. Usually, psychological discomfort is present at the first use, then you will fast get used to it.
  • An erection may not be as hard as in the case of its natural occurrence.
  • Some patients noted that in the final they had difficulty with ejaculation. But such cases are rare.

Precautionary measures

In most cases, using penis pumps is not only safe but also contributes to improving the health of men with erectile dysfunction. In some diseases, doctors contraindicate such a measure to improve blood flow to the penis. Among them:

  • Various forms of anemia.
  • Diseases in which there is a risk of blood clots or its clotting is impaired.
  • Tumors.

There are models of penis pumps that have medical certificates of conformity. You can buy it in specialized stores by prescription. Modern manufacturers are actively working to improve the rating of their production and strictly monitor the safety of users.

Even if you buy a vacuum pump for a penis without a prescription, but with a proven brand, you can be sure of the result.

A few words about the stability of erection

Sometimes age plays a key role in this issue. In the absence of other diseases, a penis pump will help restore the body functioning to almost the same level. The undoubted proses of a vacuum system:

  • In just a few minutes, you are ready for sexual contact.
  • The duration of intimate communication is an average of 30 minutes.
  • Pumps are compatible with drug therapy.


  • You will get a significant effect without surgical or medical treatment.
  • A penis pump is cheaper than a course of drugs.
  • You can use a penis pump after a surgical operation or radiation therapy.

Each man can improve the quality of erection in the future without assistive devices.


A penis pump is an absolutely safe and useful device for creating and maintaining a steady erection. You will feel satisfied with the result if you follow the instructions and adhere to safety measures. Also, remember that it is better to choose models with the ability to quickly weaken the vacuum. (2)

Plastic penis pumps are usually cheaper than glass. But they are not so durable. If the skin on your penis is sensitive, then prefer glass. The material is the most hypoallergenic.

Now you know how to use a penis pump. Choose the correct model and instantly improve your intimate life!

360-degrees rotating

One of the most effective models for dicks no thicker than 2 inches. Here, the suction force is 35% more powerful than due to the devices of the previous series (Hercules).

The flask is fixed on the skin gently but firmly, and the exhaust valve is blocked in a new special way. Now you can use the model safely under the shower jets.

Work less, get more!


  1. The role of vacuum pump therapy to mechanically straighten the penis in Peyronie’s disease
  2. Vacuum erection associated impotence and Peyronie’s disease
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