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Review Vibrating Butt Plug Lovense Hush with Remote Control

Lovense Hush Vibrating anal toy is all about butt stuff.

Of course, if you’re outrageous and not ready to follow the rules and misconceptions, you can apply it whenever you want.

Our pick

A man will get incredible prostate orgasms without an erection, and a woman will squirt everything over because of the massive vibrations delivered to her anal area and everything close to it.

  • Intensive stimulation
  • Effortless use
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Remote long-distance operation

Nevertheless, that’s one of the most popular and renowned dildos belonging to the group of regular plugs with additional functionality for a more enjoyable and effortless stimulation.

It’s the most potent butt massager according to the description of the manufacturer and almost every reviewThe intensity of vibration is incredible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman You'll get to the most unpredictable and intense climax in life with this stylish cutie

Wanna know more? You are at liberty to read the review further or confusedly ride off into the sunset where your conventional sexual pleasures can barely wait.


All physical pleasures we get, as well as orgasms, are tightly connected with our psychology.

If you’re ready to experience this or that type of satisfaction, you’ll get it to the full. A fulfilling pleasure sometimes needs experimenting, which is equally essential for both men and women. 

Have you ever thought that butt stimulation can deliver you orgasmic experiences you’ve never felt before? Are you a woman feeling it’s wrong?

Well, if your partner is into anything that might make you feel more satisfied than ever, a plug can be a very convenient solution.

Are you a straight man willing to know the pleasures of prostate stimulation? Wow, Lovense Hush Teledildonic Butt Plug will blow your mind and make you want more.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug Review 2019: PROs & CONs

Hush PROs

Hush CONs

  • Strongest vibrations
  • Two lengths are available
  • Resistant to water
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Safe for your skin
  • Expensive
  • Demands experience
  • Too big
  • Needs time to get used to

 A Teledildonic Plug: What Does It Mean?

Teledildonic, aka cyberdildonic technology, implies all forms of remote sexual stimulation through remotely controlled devices. They are vibrating bullets, dildos, massagers, and anything that can stimulate your genitalia remotely, via Bluetooth, or with the help of a remote tool.

Is Hush Butt Toy Only for Men?

Nope. It’s one of the sex toys able to deliver enormous pleasure to both men or women.

Hush does not matter what gender you associate yourself with – a plug can be evenly pleasing for anyone.

Hush Measurements

  • 76 inches long;
  • 80 inches insertable length;
  • 15 inches is the length of the base;
  • The neck is 0.75 inches wide.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug Review: Specs

  • There are two sizes available: 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches. If you’ve got someone to share this luxurious anal pleasure tool, go for it. Don’t forget about a bottle of water-based lube.
  • It’s one of the most flexible anal sex toys in the market. You’ll be surprised at how easily it slides into your butthole. It’s a hustle free pleasure – invest in a water-based lubricant to make sure your skin and your toy don’t experience rashes and unpredictable cracks.
  • There are spirals on the neck and a plug trap at the base to make sure your toy stays in place while you enjoy the sexual intercourse with your partner or a solo masturbation session.

  • It’s super comfortable thanks to the anatomical shape and optimal length options. You’ll be amazed at how easy it gets in and out when you want it. It does not cause inconveniences and uncomfortable situations during sex or masturbation.
  • It’s got a remote control system. Thanks to the built-in silent motor, Lovense Hush for your butt will be a perfect dirty solution not only within the walls of your bedroom but outside as well. Take it to the cinema and enjoy the way your partner gets pleasure from the intensity of vibration you control via your mobile phone.

  • It’s customizable. Lovense Hush butt plug will synchronize with the beats of your music to hit your sensitive spot while you’re on your way to work or studies with earphones on. Just make sure you don’t produce any noises not to attract unwanted attention.

Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug Review: Ultimate Guide 2019

The customers agree that this is one of the most potent butt plug toys ever existing.

It’s smooth, flexible, and stimulating at the same time. Just watch some porn or have a gentle petting session with your partner and use it no matter whether you’re a man or a woman. That’s a universal toy destined to deliver intensive pulsation in the process of sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Our pick

A man will get incredible prostate orgasms without an erection, and a woman will squirt everything over because of the massive vibrations delivered to her anal area and everything close to it.

  • Intensive stimulation
  • Effortless use
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Remote long-distance operation

Speed, Power & Intensity

It’s incredibly powerful, and it will deliver you highest vibrations no matter whether you are in bed or outside. No one around you will pay attention to the sounds of the vibration in your butt hole. Any review will prove it.


It’s small, silent, and very convenient for travellers. Use the Lovense Vibrating Anal Plug for solo play or the preheat with your partner.

No one will never notice the vibration in a bar or a restaurant, so feel free to experiment.

Hush Vibrating Anal Dildo Is Versatile

This anal stimulation tool offers many options in addition to the direct stimulation. You can use it for:

  • Distant control via a mobile application;
  • Satisfaction with a sufficient amount of vibration patterns and speed options;
  • Synchronization with the rhythm of your favourite music;
  • Synchronization with several Lovense Sex Toys at once.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug Usage Options

Play with It

Preheat Your Partner

Try Public Stimulation

  • Use it to help your partner, and you share a lustful horny morning
  • Get it with you on a long journey on a train or a plane
  • Pick out the most satisfying vibration pattern to spice up the masturbation session
  • Synchronize it with your favourite track and control it so that you and your partner enjoy the rhythmic vibrations before the intercourse
  • Lovense Hush is either comfortable for men and women
  • Thanks to the stable long-distance control, you get a chance to do some naughty things while walking or spending time in a cinema or while going shopping with your partner

Take Control over the Powerful Vibrations

The application lets the users change the intensity of vibration. You can choose a low, medium, or a high power vibration.

Anyone will get a chance to explore the sensuality and achieve the climax while hitting the sweetest spot with it. Many customers say they regularly use the plug for vaginal and clitoral stimulation as well. You can also use it for a gentle massage if you add up a bit of high-quality water-based lube for a smoother action.

Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug Compatibility

Hush a universal device compatible with almost all platforms existing in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone of the latest model or an Android-based device, you’ll have a chance to connect it to Hush for the enjoyable remote control pleasure.

If you’re a devoted user of a Blackberry device, you might experience problems. Get in touch with our staff members and don’t be shy to make a request

IMPORTANT! Each of the vibrating sex devices produced by Lovense can be controlled from a distance via a Bluetooth adapter. Any review will prove that the performance of remote connection is stable up to 30 feet if your partner is standing and up to ten feet if your partner is sitting.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug Review: Customers’ Attitude



  • Unlimited usage possibility and a significant number of vibration options for anyone
  • Hush can be controlled via the internet – use it for online webcam sex if you have to get through a distant relationship
  • You can create your speed-power-vibration pattern
  • As well as all the other products from this manufacturer, it creates the most energetic vibration in comparison with the other toys available in the market
  • If something’s wrong with the device, the official representatives of the website will help you deal with the problem and give you the money back or send you a new device asap
  • Pairing with the other sex toys from Lovense is simple
  • Online support leaves much to be desired
  • The delivery may be slow
  • Even the smaller version of the toy feels too large for the inexperienced users
  • Some of the models have problems with the recharge
  • The Bluetooth connection should have no barriers – if it’s not clear, you might have troubles controlling it without pauses and interruptions
  • Some users find the software unstable; however, almost everything depends on the compatibility with the specific device and proper exploitation

Unfortunately, when a customer wants to leave negative feedback, he/she does exactly this thing ignoring the possible positive characteristics.

When it comes to sex, everything is personal, and you can’t predict your reaction if you are not used to sex toys before.

If you’re an inexperienced user, start with regular dildos, masturbators, or magic wands that will help you on your first steps to the exploration of your sexuality.

Unusual Features of the Hush Toy & Its Application

  • You can control the power of the vibrations with the moans. The louder your partner and you get, the more powerful Lovense Hush becomes.
  • Among the other butt toys, this one gives you a very “full” feeling. At the same time, it easily slips in and gets out of you after you experience satisfaction with the help of the spirals.

Lovense Hush: Step-By-Step Guide

STEP #1: Application

If you’re willing to control the Hush toy remotely, you’ll have to prepare for the self-satisfaction session. You’ll need to install the official Lovense mobile application for assistance. It’s free of charge and does not require any special skills to use.

STEP #2 Connection & Synchronization

Connect Hush to the mobile phone via Bluetooth following the instructions that come with a toy. If you feel confused about where to start, send an inquiry to the manufacturer or the management of our website so that we can deal with the problem.

STEP #3 Usage

You’ll have to get ready for the action. A sex toy is not a guarantee of your sexual arousal. You won’t get aroused by simply slipping it in.

  • Make sure you’re relaxed and safe from anyone’s eyes;
  • Use a sufficient amount of lube especially if it’s your first time;
  • Gently slip it and fix it till you feel it’s comfortable;

  • Try different vibrations and angles to hit the spot you need;
  • Slip it out and don’t forget to wash it with warm water;
  • Let your Hush toy dry on its own and keep it in a discreet place away from the sun and excessive humidity.

Bottom Line

So, what makes Hush vibrating anal butt plug so unique? It is:

  • Powerful;
  • Effortless in use;
  • Universally compatible;
  • Anatomical.

Make up your mind and get yourself one of the Lovense products to enhance your sex or self-satisfaction experience. If you have any questions, contact us for more details about the purchase process, payment options, and the warranty. Share your review with our customers and us.

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