Review Best Pocket Pussy Masturbator in 2019: Vagina For Male - Guide

Best Pocket Pussy

Tips for choosing and using the best pocket pussy

Have you ever wanted to try anything unusual in sex? What about using realistic male toys?

A huge plurality of sleeves can please the most demanding taste.

When buying the best pocket pussy you want to consider and compare many factors. Start by analyzing your penis sensitivity. Consider, perhaps your skin or mucous membrane is prone to irritation.

One of the most significant nuances is the size of the member. Each pocket pussy has a peculiar channel diameter. If you make a mistake in the parameter, you will not have enough stimulation or sense discomfort.

Our pick

A unique experience that gives its users Autoblow 2+ XT, is comparable in intensity with real sex

  • Pocket
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild material
  • 5 rows of beads

The manufacturer has made THRUST Pro pocket pussy delicate pink color and provided the best sex toy with an imitation of labia

  • Pocket toy
  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild TPR

The pocket pussy became top almost immediately after the first launch of intimate goods on sale

  • With air drift
  • Rugged
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable

To assist you to decide on a purchase, I ranked the best sex toys in 2019. Examine each pocket pussy in detail. In the final part of the survey, read a few more practical recommendations.

A quality PVC can also be completely safe for healthThe coating is the most delicate and requires careful care But a huge plus of PVC products is you can wash them even in the dishwasher

Autoblow 2+ XT

The best model of a male toy is not a real pocket pussy.

According to regular customers, this is the best option for your penis. I will explain what I mean.

Automatic blowjob

How often do you get oral sex in life? Even if it is sufficiently, your lover may not be in the mood. Best sex toys are always ready to bring you enjoyment.

Do you wish to learn more about the best contemporary technics?

  • The manufacturer has made sure that you both enjoy and are completely safe. What provides strong and high-quality stimulation? There is a super strong motor.
  • The inner texture of the sex toy Autoblow 2+ XT is from mild material that mimics human skin. The surface is hypoallergenic and durable. It easily maintains numerous washings before and after a session.

  • The updated styling of the beads commits the movements more amplitude and exciting. The new mechanism extends the life of the soft part of sex toys.
  • 5 rows of beads in place of 3 makes your feeling even more pleasurable. It will take less time to achieve the finish line.

What does the experience of using Autoblow 2+ XT look like?

Many guys doubt the realism of automatic sex. But the manufacturer tried and improved the standard sex toy in the form of pocket pussy. The patented mechanism is simple, but no one was able to create it earlier.

The inner sleeve is so soft that the best sex toy is suitable even for guys with a very sensitive penis. You can use your favorite lube with these toys.

How to use pocket Autoblow 2+ XT?

  • Immediately after receiving, remove the replacement pocket pussy and rinse it under the tap using soap. If you buy a spray for cleaning sex toys, it is even better.
  • Dry the sleeve away from heating devices.
  • Squeeze out a large amount of lotion.
  • Place your penis into the pocket pussy.
  • Push the activation button.
  • Enjoy!

After the session, do not forget to wash and dry the replacement sleeve.

There are advantages of Autoblow 2+ XT

  • An innovative male sex toy.
  • The pocket pussy mechanism stands many hours of work and recharging.
  • There is a charge for more than an hour of active play.
  • Best toys are always ready to play.
  • The pocket pussy provides users pleasurable experience!

According to many users, Autoblow 2+ XT is more exciting than standard pocket pussies. Also, do not forget that now your hands are free during the game!

Our pick

A unique experience that gives its users Autoblow 2+ XT, is comparable in intensity with real sex

  • Pocket
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild material
  • 5 rows of beads

THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina

Sometimes best male sex toys become a change for human experience. Sometimes they complement it.

In any case, pocket pussy should be safe, compact and always carry the delight!

The importance of pocket pussy visual perception

The pocket pussy exterior is half the battle. Most guys would like to watch the action take place. They feel no less pleasure than from friction penis.

What is meeting you inside the THRUST Pro pussy?

Let’s talk about the internal pussy design (it is more satisfying than the appearance).
Tight channel mimics the anatomical structure of the flesh. 5 chambers of varying widths with smooth curves create an imitation of real sex. No hard textures! The pussy has only realistic soft skin folds.

What do you wish to know before buying THRUST Pro Ultra Holly?

  • A realistic THRUST Pro Ultra pussy guarantees success and an explosive ending! To pull the feeling even more exciting, use your favorite water-based moisturizer.
  • A tight entrance and a dense channel will provide quality stimulation for guys of all sizes.


If the size of your dick is more than medium, the space of the sex toy may seem small. But the Ultra Holly fits 70% of guys.

The best pocket pussy functions

  • Special ports behind the back pocket pussy permit you to additionally use the small vibrator. This simple manipulation takes the game to a high degree!
  • The styling of the toy includes transverse ribs. Pocket pussy does not slip out of your hands, even with a huge portion of lotion.

The manufacturer has made sure that your sex toy lasts as long as possible. Use a special cleaner in the form of a spray and powder with the pocket pussy. Use them every time after washing and drying of the top male toy. Thus you save the elastic structure of the toys.

Bonuses for pocket pussy THRUST Pro users

  • The pussy material is a mild TPR. It is completely hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. Moreover, you will take super pleasurable tactile feelings.
  • Due to the certainty that the toy is highly compact, it has become one of the best male masturbators for traveling.

The manufacturer has made THRUST Pro pocket pussy delicate pink color and provided the best sex toy with an imitation of labia

  • Pocket toy
  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild TPR

Max by Lovense

The male sex toy Max by Lovense is one of the best in its class. Why did it happen? There are distinctive reasons to buy Max.

The toys combine innovative parts

  • There is a licensed air drift.
  • There is a delicate inner sleeve that creates tactile sensations like human contact.
  • There is a rugged structure of the hose with amazement in the form of a ribbed section.

What else makes Max the best among analogs?

  • The top toy is rechargeable. Connect it to the laptop or directly to the mains.
  • There is sufficiently charge for an hour of active play.
  • There is Bluetooth for connecting to a mobile app or other smart vibrators and pocket pussies.

The useful note

A specially designed hole for instant pressure relief helps you to weaken the suction at any second.

Max has extra benefits

  • The pocket pussy is created from hypoallergenic PVC resistant to bacteria.
  • You necessarily have gentle and pleasurable feelings.
  • The PVC is ultra durable, so it can withstand washing and playing sessions.
  • Standard size fits most guys.
  • Connect to the free app through your smartphone.
  • Max works with iOS and Android platforms.

Max is one of the best male toys for pair games. Users can manage the enjoyment of their partners or transfer this function to them.

What devices are compatible with Max?

Bluetooth masturbators by Lovense are appropriate for connecting. When toys are in contact, they can work together. Users can change the settings on their pocket pussy applying the smartphone. The phone serves you as a remote control.

What is meeting you in the mobile application?

  • You will immediately see 10 ready-made patterns with various speeds and styles of vibrations.
  • If none of the modes you are interested in, you simply create and save a new one.
  • Patterns adapt to music and sounds.
  • The application is equipped with text or video chat rooms.
  • Do not forget that on the body of pocket pussy there is a standard manual control mode.

The pocket pussy became top almost immediately after the first launch of intimate goods on sale

  • With air drift
  • Rugged
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable

Stoya Fleshlight

Most reviews mention Fleshlight from the Girls series. They are the most popular with consumers.

There is something special about these models. But the Stoya pussy is the best in the opinion of 90% of buyers!

Why did Stoya enter top Fleshlights?

The pleasurable hole with a hot pornstar’s labia always attracts attention. Moreover, the sleeve material is very soft and visually cannot be distinguished from real skin.
Stoya has released several holes, but now we are speaking about the Lady model. Let me tell what will happen if you risk penetrating the Fleshlight.

The inner sleeve texture

A tight channel with a varied and pleasant obstacle course for your member. The sleeve consists of four different cameras. The first immediately follows the narrow entrance. You will find smooth small bumps in it. The next chamber is much wider, but large convex cones will stimulate you much more active than in the previous part. Next, you need to overcome the tight ring to feel the next surprise. Large conical details, angled, with massage movements create a feeling of suction. In this case, the channel gradually narrows. The fourth camera is a narrow ribbed canal with the densest girth and uniform stimulation.

Add sharpness to help stub at the end of the brand cover Fleshlight. Twisting it, you will create an additional vacuum, and hence the effect of suction.

Now we will talk about the technical characteristics

  • The pussy is very tight and elastic. At the same time, the material is well stretched and regains its shape again. This property helps you to thoroughly clean the sex toy after the pleasure session.


  • Do not forget to use only water-based moisturizers with the pocket pussy.

Fleshlight has a standard size, so it can be a bit large for traveling. However, a discreet lantern-shaped cover will allow you to keep a closed toy without hesitation even in a prominent place.

All materials are absolutely environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions and are not susceptible to the spread of bacteria. Above all, remember to thoroughly clean before and after use.

Manufacturer tip

Before the start of the session, you may heat the sleeve slightly. Then your feelings will imitate the real sexual contact as completely as possible.

THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

Do you like to travel and masturbate? It is no longer necessary to choose one of these two pleasures.

Now there is a handheld male toy that permits to take it unnoticed with you on trips!

Size matters

Yes, I understand that many guys consider such lengths of an artificial vagina will seem small. But this is better than nothing. Do you agree?

Exterior design

The top cover of a miniature toy is equipped with peculiar ribs. Your hand does not slip, even if you use a large amount of lubricant.

By the way

Choose only water-based lotions to keep your pocket pussy in top condition for as long as possible.

What is meeting you inside the pussy?

Incredibly embossed texture creates the feeling of real sex and even better! A narrow channel with randomly distributed crests, knolls and kinks will not leave you indifferent!

Additional features of the best miniature hole

  • Although it does not look like feelings from real sex, powerful stimulation will allow you to get a variety of impressions.

Apply the toys and get a stunning orgasm!


You don’t have to play Ella solo. Connect your lover to the process!

How to care for your new toys?

Ella is from a durable and resilient material. If it becomes sticky after several washes, cover an item with a branded powder. Also, instead of soapy water, it is desirable to use a branded cleaner. Use these tools before and after each session of satisfaction, then your Ella will last a long time.

A few more advantages

  • Waterproof design is an important detail if you like intimate games in the shower.
  • The material is suitable even for guys with very sensitive skin. Among our customers, there was not a single case of an allergic reaction or irritation.
  • The standard hole Ella fits most men.
  • Optionally, you can change the bullet vibrators, choosing the model of a suitable diameter.
  • The super stimulating inner texture of the sleeve will help you quickly get a very exciting orgasm!

Diversify your love life with THRUST Pro Mini Ella. You will surely get satisfaction.

Regular customer feedback

I tried various pocket holes, but many of them were too tender for me. I do not have strong sensitivity, so the highly textured Mini Ella channel is exactly what I was looking for!


A few more words about the best devices for guys. Before you decide to buy the one, pay attention to the brand.

Reliable manufacturers with a good reputation do not sell their products too cheap. But high quality is worth the cost.

Learn the hole material

Even high-quality materials have different degrees of safety. If you are prone to allergies or have very sensitive skin, choose only medical silicone. Also, you will have to use only water-based moisturizers and buy special cleaning sprays instead of the standard wash. But the material is more porous compared to silicone. The minimal risk of getting skin irritation is still there. Also, you can choose super smooth and endlessly lasting silicone lubricants.

Use a qualitative packaging

In the block, I need to mention the famous Fleshlight. Besides the fact that their covers are very convenient to use, they also perform the function of storage.

If you choose a hole of another brand, then you need to buy a box or cover in advance. Products made of soft material should not come into contact with other toys. Take care of the goods for intimate life from dust.

Now you have read all the information you need to find the best pocket pussy. You can find all these models at reasonable prices on our website. Now go and buy it! And see you in the new review.

Our pick

A unique experience that gives its users Autoblow 2+ XT, is comparable in intensity with real sex

  • Pocket
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild material
  • 5 rows of beads
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